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My first friend and my guide to kindness, loyalty and love have always been dogs. My two sons Obi and Jerry were a huge part of a time in my life that was adventurous and challenging at the same time. Both were large lards of love and unwavering companions.


But losing them made me realized I didn’t want to be just a spectator in the lives of creatures who had given me so much. I wanted to use what I have and help make change, however incremental in their lives. So my wife & I decided to do something for pet parents like us, who want to do more for their pets and are also keen on supporting animals without access to any help.


We not only share our love and time with our pets but also our space and belongings like food, sofas and bed. As pet parents we found ourselves restricted to the limited offerings and unavailability of durable pet furniture and wanted to do more. With O&J we’re providing high- quality, consciously made designs that raise the bar above tacky and conventional food stands and mattress currently available in the market.

We love pets just as much as you do! Being pet parents ourselves we’ve crafted beautiful furniture pieces from our experience with our pooches at home. We make the home experience enriching for both the pet & the parent.


Our products are made from strong timber & wood derivatives, making them durable. Unlike conventional choices of pet mattresses in the market, O&J is an actual bed. We provide a sturdy wooden structure with a mattress on it. The mattress comes with changeable covers. So, no more constant mattress change due to your pet growing or wear and tear in the mattress.


Our designs match the aesthetics of your home and compliment a modern pet parent’s lifestyle. Adding beauty with its minimalist style and great finishes, dog beds and bowls are no more an eye sore but a center of attraction.


Unlike conventional dog mattress, which tends to collect grim and dog hair over time, our designs are easier to clean and maintain.

At O&J, we strive towards providing the best possible environment to our four legged family members and their parents. All the wood we source comes from certified forest friendly and reforestation certified producers. We at O&J are very conscientious about our responsibility towards the environment and its well-being. Our products are made right here in India with world class European raw material from carefully selected mills and companies. Our suppliers are tried and tested in quality and follow environmentally friendly processes.